Getting Help For Your 401k: The Process

by | Mar 28, 2009 | Asset Management, Retirement Planning

How to get help with your 401k from Mullooly Asset Management.

This process will also help you with your 457 deferred compensation plan — or your 403(b) annuity at work.

First, if Mullooly Asset Management has never worked with an employee from your company before, we will need to get the list of investment choices available to you in your plan.  You can fax them to us at (732)223-9600, or you can send us the link to the website (if we don’t need a password), or you could copy and paste the list into an e-mail or Word document.

We are not looking for your specific investments
, or your most recent statement! What we need is an inventory — a list — of all the choices available to you within your plan.

We will need a day or two to review the choices available in your plan, take a look at the charts, and come up with a game plan.

We will then call you back — or set up by convenient time for us to speak — and review the best performing choices available to you in your plan at the present time.  This phone appointment should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Unlike financial planners or others in the investment advisory business (many use asset allocation pie charts), the recommendation you will be given will be based on what is working — right now — and are the best choices available in your plan today.  One of our core beliefs is “when the charts change, we change.”

We will then alert you — usually by e-mail — when it is time to add, subtract, move money into, or out of — a particular investment in your 401(k) plan.

There are some years where we might make three or four changes.  There will be other years where we make significantly more changes.  The whole concept is to keep your money invested in the strongest asset classes at the current time.

Since Mullooly Asset Management is a fee only investment advisory firm, we have no product or investment to sell you.  We take a fiduciary obligation to manage your money strictly with your best interests in mind.  Unlike brokers (employees of brokerage firms) and some financial planners (who may work on a commission basis, or a “fee-plus commission” basis), a fee only investment advisor’s only income comes from the fees generated by offering advice.

Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interest (the Fee-Only advisor and the client) to avoid large risks and losses.

After we have had a chance to review the choices available in your plan, we encourage you to meet with us over the phone and be sitting in front of a computer with Internet access.

We use computer-sharing software.  This will allow you to see the charts of the choices in your 401(k) plan, as we describe the process to you.  This will also give you a visual demonstration of how we manage the risk for our clients.  We can usually accomplish everything on our agenda in less than 15 minutes over the phone with you.

We are not going to judge your prior investment performance.  We are primarily concerned with which investments are working today in the plan — and how to invest your money properly right now.  Since the future is unknown, it is a waste of time to predict what markets will do in the future.

At the conclusion of the call, if you are satisfied with what you’ve heard, we would be delighted to send you an investment advisory contract for you to review and sign.

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