Top Mutual Funds in China and Latin America

by | Jun 18, 2007 | Asset Management

China and Latin America currently holds the top scores for mutual funds. This is clearly where the money is being made at the moment. And the average Chinese mutual fund is way overbought. In other words, the average mutual fund in this group is currently trading above the top of the ten-week trading band, but historically speaking, these kind of overbought levels are not uncommon for this group.

So, while the current overbought reading for China is certainly elevated at this time, we’ve seen these funds push to even further extremes. So if you are looking to gain exposure to any of these, think about buying on a pullback.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, bonds have been hammered the last three weeks, as we’ve mentioned in previous posts. This presents an interesting opportunity for some of the fixed income ETFs and utilities that have pulled back a bit in this period. Call the office, or email us, if you’d like specific recommendations for your situation.

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Now I’d like to take a moment and address something that happened this week. The merger between TD Waterhouse and Ameritrade was finalized. This requires a paper transfer of assets from the old broker (in this case, TD Waterhouse) to the new broker (now they are called TD Ameritrade).

So when this happens, clients will get a new statement from the merged firm, and also get a follow-up statement from the old firm, showing everything moved over.

Unfortunately, these knuckleheads sent out the statements from the old firm first showing zero balances and all assets transferred out. There was a small message box, with tiny print, explaining the zero balances, but most clients did not get that far.

I believe more than 95% of all clients called in this week to report horror, rage, depression, anger, and confusion, all for naught. Everything is fine, and by now you should have received your new monthly statements. Even though we were as surprised as you, we apologize for any inconvenience, stress and heartache this might have caused you . . . and us!


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Mullooly Asset Management LLC
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