The Most Important Messages of 2020

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Podcasts

A lot has transpired over the last 12 months, both in everyone’s personal lives and the financial markets. We’ve shared some really important messages with our clients this year via the Mullooly Asset Podcast. These are messages that applied to the current year, but are truly evergreen. This week, we wanted to reflect back on the most important messages from this year’s podcast. Enjoy, and see you all in 2021!

Show Notes

‘Stress-Adjusted Returns’ – Mullooly Asset Podcast Ep. 300 (Released March 26, 2020)

‘Don’t Check Your Account Daily’ – Mullooly Asset Podcast Ep. 302 (Released April 9, 2020)

‘Politics are Not in the Portfolio’ – Mullooly Asset Show Ep. 320 (Released August 13, 2020)

‘The Advantage We All Have But Throw Away’ – Mullooly Asset Podcast Ep. 329 (Released Oct. 29, 2020)

The Most Important Messages of 2020 – Transcript

**The full transcript for Ep. 338 can be found above by following the links to the originally aired episodes.**

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