2014 Dorsey Wright Point and Figure Institute

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Asset Management, Point and Figure

Earlier this month, Tom and I had the pleasure to spend three days at the Dorsey Wright Point and Figure Institute. This was Tom’s second time traveling down to Richmond for the event and my first. These kind of experiences help us to hone our skills in point and figure charting. If you know us then you’re probably aware that these charts are a critical component of the way we manage money at Mullooly Asset Management.

Brendan Mullooly and Tom Dorsey

Meeting Tom Dorsey was truly an honor.

This was a terrific opportunity to learn more about topics like point and figure chart construction, relative strength, stock market indicators and cycles, sector analysis, and momentum investing as a whole. When I started at Mullooly Asset Management in 2012, one of the first things I did was read Tom Dorsey’s Point and Figure Charting. This book is very much required reading for us here. Having the chance to meet Tom Dorsey and hear him speak at the Institute was truly an honor. Tom and the entire Dorsey Wright team have taught me so much through their top notch work, and it was amazing to get the chance to meet all of them in Richmond.

Thomas Mullooly speaking at Dorsey Wright Point and Figure Institute 2014

Tom presenting at the 2014 Dorsey Wright Point and Figure Institute

One of the coolest parts of the Point and Figure Institute was getting to hear Tom speak. The Dorsey Wright team asked Tom if he would like to be part of an investment advisor panel at the Institute. He spoke about our experience managing money using point and figure charts and the Dorsey Wright tools. Tom shared our daily routine here in the office and the parts of Dorsey Wright’s research that we utilize the most at Mullooly Asset Management.

The 2014 Dorsey Wright Point and Figure Institute was a great time and a tremendous learning opportunity. The learning process is never-ending and attending events like this one further our team’s expertise at managing the risk for our clients.

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