10 Things You Can Control

by | May 16, 2023 | Podcasts

Focus on these 10 things you can control about Investing

In this podcast (episode #443), Tim and Tom run through an excellent list compiled by a fellow planner, Max Pashman, CFP® which separates things you can’t control versus ten things you can control.   It’s one thing to think you have all the answers when it comes to financial planning and investing.  It can be very frustrating at times – it seems like nothing seems in your power to control with investing.  And, are you happy – and at peace with how you go about investing?

Where is your focus?

Even WE get hung up from time to time stressing over topics clearly out of our control.  And we’re in the business!  It is not worth your time or worry to focus on things you have absolutely no way of changing!   We field LOTS of calls from folks who get hung up worrying about topics like the debt ceiling, tax law changes, which political party is in control, how to stop rising prices.  These things are out of our hands.  Let’s focus our energy on things we can control.

Again, many thanks to our friend Max Pashman, CFP of Los Angeles, CA for the great inspiration.
You can follow Max on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/maxpashman

10 Things You Can Control Max Pashman

Timestamps for “Focus on 10 Things Can Control”
Episode #443

1:18 – Rates of return
3:53 – Tax Laws
6:00 – Interest rates
9:49 – Asset Risk
12:28 – Emergencies
13:39 – College Prices
17:27 – Social Security
20:39 – Inflation
23:59 – Death

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Transcript for “10 Things You Can Control”

(transcript coming soon!)


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