Financial Planning – Our Process

Financial planning isn’t an event, it’s a process. At Mullooly Asset Management, we not only work with our clients to craft a sensible financial plan, but also monitor and update that plan as things inevitably change.

Whether you’re just starting out, entering midlife, nearing retirement, or already enjoying retirement, it’s important to have a focused plan to guide your path. Mullooly Asset Management does financial planning work for clients in every stage of life.

Our family of advisors has developed a process that puts together the pieces of our clients’ financial puzzle.  Our financial planning services include guidance in areas such as cash flow management, retirement income planning, charitable giving, investment portfolio review, saving for college, life insurance review, tax analysis, and estate planning. The Mullooly Asset team collaborates with other knowledgeable professionals whenever any area of a financial plan falls outside our scope.

The financial planning process begins by learning as much as we can about our clients. During this discovery phase we want to clarify client goals and prioritize them. Once we have sufficient information, we can analyze their situation and develop recommendations.

Clients can rest assured that the Mullooly Asset Management team will only recommend solutions that we truly believe are in their best interests. We serve as fee-only fiduciaries in all aspects of our practice.

As mentioned earlier, financial planning is a process, not an event. An out-of-date financial plan is a useless document. We work with our clients to make sure their plans do not become obsolete. We review  client plans, and make updates accordingly.

Get in touch with the Mullooly Asset Management team today. After all, it’s not luck…it’s planning!