FDIC Coverage Limits, Episode 435

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Podcasts

FDIC Coverage Limits are a significant part of the discussion Casey & Tom have in Episode 435 of the Podcast. 
We also discuss what happens if you have more than $250,000 in the bank?   While the wreckage from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is still being parsed out, more questions are beginning to bubble up to the surface.  Questions like:
FDIC Coverage Limits
– Will all deposits – at all banks – be backstopped by the FDIC or the federal government?
– What can a business do if they have more than $250,000 on deposit at a bank?
– Why the earnings (interest) from Silicon Valley Bank’s bond portfolio matter?
– What happens if we have more than $250,000 over multiple accounts?
– What are lessons individuals can take from this mess?

FDIC Coverage Limits, Episode 435

1:50  Quick History of FDIC Coverage Limits and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
4:50  Backstop ALL deposits?
9:40  Promontory / Sweep accounts for businesses
12:10  Silicon Valley Bank portfolio and their earnings per share
17:45  Concentrated positions, putting “all the eggs in one bank”
19:50  Business Cash Management
22:20  FDIC Coverage Limit examples

Nearly 27 minutes of fun-filled discussion and learning!

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