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The Lesson in 2020 From Black Monday 1987

It's been 33 years since the stock market crash (aka Black Monday) in October of 1987.  33 years could be how long your retirement lasts.  In this week's video, Tom takes a few lessons away from 1987 and applies it to what we're going through here in 2020. ? Show...

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The Stock Market & Presidential Elections

The 2020 election has proven to be one of the more contentious elections in recent history.  However, that seems to be par for the course when it comes to elections.  "Contentious" is not a new adjective to describe Presidential elections.  From the political match-up...

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7 Steps to Financial Success

Creating success in life, both financial and personal, is no stroke of luck.  We constantly talk about the process behind successful financial planning, and it can really apply to any aspect of life.  Whether you’re saving for retirement, working through a financial...

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