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Our Thoughts on Gold

Every so often we hear about gold spiking up in the markets.  We eventually get a few phone calls from folks interested in exploring gold in their portfolios.  We always have the same response.  After seeing an article in Forbes about gold, Brendan and Tom decided it...

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What Does Per Stirpes Mean?

In Ep. 158 of the Mullooly Asset Show, Tom talks about the term 'per stirpes' and what it means to you.  When it comes to beneficiaries and estate planning, every little detail matters! ? What Does Per Stirpes Mean? - Transcript Tom Mullooly: In episode 158 we're...

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Do You Have a Good 401(k) Plan?

In Ep. 274 of the Mullooly Asset Podcast, Brendan and Tom discuss what constitutes a "good" 401(k) plan.  It's not necessarily having funds that have performed the best over the last few years, but there are other factors that play into the quality of a plan. Show...

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