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Investment Resource Center

Check out our latest blogs, videos, and podcasts on today’s most relevant money topics. 

The Math Behind Market Declines

In this week's episode, Tom walks viewers through the math behind making your money back after a market decline.  If you lose 35%, then gain back 30%, you should only be down 5% - right?  Not quite.  Find out why in this video! ? The Math Behind Market Declines -...

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What Will the Economic Recovery Look Like?

In Ep. 307 of the Mullooly Asset Podcast, Tom, Brendan, and Tim discuss ridiculous question of "what letter will the economic recovery look like", and explain why the letter shape matters way less than individual recoveries.  They also discuss oil futures horror...

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Credit Cards and COVID-19

In Ep. 192 of the Mullooly Asset Show, Tim talks about managing your credit cards during the COVID-19 crisis.  Now more than ever it's important to keep a close eye on your credit card debt.  Some credit card companies have begun reducing lines of credit for...

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