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Investment Resource Center

Check out our latest blogs, videos, and podcasts on today’s most relevant money topics. 

A Useful 2020 Tax Deduction

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, this week Tom highlights a new "above the line" tax deduction created by the CARES Act in 2020 tied to charitable giving! It may not be a big deduction, but every bit helps!  Check out the video below for more information: ? Show Notes...

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5 Financial To-Do’s When Having a Baby

If the new year means a new addition to your family, listen up! Having a new baby is a wonderful thing for you and your growing family. While having a baby brings joy and happiness to your household, it can also wreak havoc on your finances if you don't properly plan....

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The State of the Stock Market and the Economy

The stock market and the economy have been almost disorienting this year in 2020.  It's been a polarizing year, and we still have a few weeks to go.  In this podcast, Tom and Tim discuss the current state of the stock market alongside the economy.  The Dow Jones hit...

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