Below is our podcast originally recorded January 13, 2011.

This is  the format for these podcasts: Mullooly Asset Management is *NOT* recommending purchase or sale of any of the names mentioned in this (or any) podcast.  You need to make these kinds of investment decisions on your own, or with the help of your investment advisor.  If you do not have an investment advisor, please feel free to contact Mullooly Asset Management at 732-223-9000, or through this website.

The companies discussed in this podcast were originally mentioned in a syndicated newspaper column authored by John Dorfman, money manager and frequent columnist for Bloomberg News.   Mr. Dorfman is chairman of Thunderstorm Capital in Boston.  The opinion expressed are his own, and not necessarily endorsed by Mullooly Asset Management LLC.

The stock prices and chart patterns mentioned in the podcast are relevant at the time of the recording.  Market conditions, prices and chart patterns can change at any time in the future.  Reliance on dated investment discussions is not a prudent method to make investment decisions…things change over time.

The Mullooly Asset Management Podcast can be found below. The Podcast can also be found on iTunes. Go to the iTunes Store and simply search for “mullooly.” Under no circumstances should the information contained in this blog or podcast be considered investment advice

Companies mentioned in this podcast:
Motors Liquidation Co. (MTLQQ)
Post Properties (PPS)
Gabriel Resources (GBU-T)
Eastman Kodak (EK)
Fuel Systems (FSYS)
Affiliated Managers (AMG) (ACOM)
LogMeIn (LOGM)
Alon Energy (ALJ)
Pzena Investment Management (PZN)
Borders Group (BGP)
Barnes and Noble (BKS)
Sears Holdings Corp (SHLD)


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